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Based on the belief “TL;DW” (short for “too long, didn’t watch”) and the fact that videos are now shared 12x more than simple text and image messages, Snipedy aims to make video content more experiential. On average, you only have a few seconds online to cleverly showcase a particular product, location, event, or even a service with video content to capture the interest of your fans, followers and potential clients.


Discover the power of Snips. Click on the interactive bubbles in the demo to navigate through the conversation.

Snipedy enables companies to reach their target groups beyond social media and live events! With our service, it is possible, even without video production skills, to cut a maximum of 16 second videos from existing video material and share these highlights with your community. We focus on communication in private messengers like iMessage or Telegram. This is where you reach people who stay out of the public conversations but discuss topics like movies, TV shows or content that is behind paywalls in private chats.

From small businesses to large event organizers

  • You’ve opened a new café and want to attract new customers for coffee and cake? Add a Google Maps link to themed videos and show users directly where they can find you with a Snip!
  • You are an event organizer and want to promote the next hybrid event? Add a link to the ticket store in your Snip and push your ticket sales!
  • Do you have your own masterclass video platform and want to promote your video content that is behind a paywall? Create Snips of your videos or allow your viewers to create their personal highlights of the paid video content.
  • The possibilities are endless! Use Snipedy to get a wider reach with your company, your new business idea or your unique service beyond social media. Get insights about topics your users are really interested in and only share privately! By the way: Snipedy gives you full control over your Snips. If an original video is no longer accessible, the Snips are also deactivated.

This turns Snipedy into a new marketing channel!

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Step 2: Go to your Stream and switch to a business account

Click on your User-icon in the main menu bar and head over to “Settings”. On your Settings-Page navigate to the Account-Section on the left. Then click on “Switch to Business Account” and provide the name of a contact person. The data will not be displayed in your profile, but will only be used if we need to contact you. After you clicked “Save” you will return to your Settings-Page where you have now the possibilities to fill in your business data.

To Your Settings

Step 3: Fill in your business data and create your first Snips

Head over to your Profile-Settings and add your business data, such as company name, category, website and location. Start snipping – you are ready to go! Your created Snips will now have additional Links in the end of each Snip (so called “Micromoments”) according to your Infos.

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