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You just saw a fun movie and want to share a specific scene with your best friend? You opened your own café and want to spread the news and reach new customers? You heard about your favorite band’s gig and try to convince your friends to buy the tickets? Say it with Snipedy!

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Your favorite snips at a glance

While creating videos used to be time consuming and expensive, now Snipedy makes video content creation faster and your experience better. You can cut out your favorite TV, film, entertainment and sports scenes or moments from existing online videos (e.g. from YouTube) to share them with your friends and the Snipedy Community. Discover already created clips – so called “Snips” – on the platform and bookmark your favorites to create your personal video collection. Snips are smart: Beside basic information in description texts and tags, Snips always include a backlink to the source video as well as optional product links. You can also unlock additional links (so called “Micro-Moments”) to your website or location with a Business Account.

Discover the power of Snips. Click on the interactive bubbles in the demo to navigate through the conversation.

New way to reach target groups!

Based on the belief „TL;DW” (short for “too long, didn’t watch”) and the fact that today videos generate 12x more shares than simple text and image messages, Snipedy has set itself the goal of making video content more tangible.

On average, companies only have 15 seconds to skillfully stage a specific product, a location, an event or even a service with video content and thus spark the interest of fans and followers. Snipedy makes it possible to connect with your target group away from social media and live events! Engage with those who stay out of the public conversations, but discuss topics like movies, TV shows and sports in private chats and share their favorite moments.

From small businesses to large live event organizers

  • Have you opened a new café and want to reach new customers? Include a Google Maps link to thematically matching videos to attract new customers to your café.
  • You are an event organizer and want to promote the next big concert? Insert the link to the ticket shop in your Snips and push your ticket sales!

The possibilities are endless! Use Snipedy to achieve a broader reach with your company, your idea and your service. This turns Snipedy into a new marketing channel.


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