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Holy mother of God

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One of my favourite shows ever:…

That's a damn shame

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The Official Steve Harvey Show is…

Cleaning the house

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Maybe this is how cleaning the…

I'm out of here!

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Spongebob knows best how to leave…

When I'm With Friends I Like To Have Fun

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Kids are fun little human beings.…

Coffee, the only pleasure left

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She understands me! It's all about…

Let's dance!

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Amazing scene from the movie "Kickboxer"…

Oh my Gosh

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Monday, never ending to do list,…

Nod of approval

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The Nod in "Jeremiah Johnson" from…

Did we just become best friends?

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Definitely the best scene of "Step…

Crying Leo

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Leo sobbing in Romeo+Juliet is how…

I can't take it anymore!

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Love this scene from the 1999…

Eat My Shorts

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Simply love this movie: The Breakfast…

Rock out

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One of the best scenes of…

Dumb Ideas

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Judge July is smart, fun and…


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Citizen Kane clapping scene. Epic!

Alpaca Kisses

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Sending you many sweet alpaca kisses.

I'm Blessed and Thankful

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Key and Peele are hilarious! Make…


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The greatest scene of the movie…